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Full Custom Body, Velq monoblock, Visor Ninja 250, velq Home 4 inch, 6 inch rear,

This is what makes the difference spackboard full behind closed fused from the front cover the empty space because it was made back in the 30 cm canopy.


Custom headlights, body kit, custom front shock cover together with the front spackboard


New Honda Revo AT Matic

Honda Revo AT Matic ( Bebek matik )Honda Revo AT, Price and Specifications of Honda Revo AT - According to rumors of PT Astra Honda Motor will soon be launching Betik (Duck matic) Honda AT Revo. From the rumors reportedly PT Astra Honda Motor to change strategy, new product launches. Previously, PT Astra Honda Motor plans to launch the All-New Mega Pro, however it seems that Honda's product

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Yamaha Fino Off Road Trail Modification

This is the yamaha fino modification from thailand. Fino is favorite scooter in thailand as well as yamaha mio. The style modification of this scooter is like motorcycles off road. I put this YAMAHA FINO OFF ROAD Modification from grandprixgroup.com. Thanks For the great


Suzuki Smash Racing Look

Suzuki Smash Racing Look Modification
Suzuki Smash Racing Look

The most striking change was the application of the light house Yamaha X1-R from Thailand. So much like the Transformers robot, the front of the house following with given a touch of custom lamps. Especially in the shell of the lamp, right and left wing to cover protects the bottom half of the engine looks. In addition, there is in the form of seats, covers plus side to the stern of deliberately contrived sepatbor different.
Suzuki Smash Racing Look Modification

According to the Court, put the cover body X1-R in Smash quite complicated. You see, there are several components that must be cut, plus, and moved. In addition, he had to reset the handle cover mounting bolts, from front to rear.
Suzuki Smash Racing Look Modification

So, shockbreker double standard models modified to Monoshock. This makes replacement of the standard swing arm turned into handmade products from the aftermarket. Great was not haphazardly done that part, as well as other sections, because the goods are used and given a little expensive custom touch.
Suzuki Smash Racing Look Modification

Special exhaust, this Court guarantee a good part because her voice a little more good and able to increase power. Apart from good to hear, according to Agung, exhaust was fitted to these changes. He predicts, the concept of combined racing look would be noticeable color trends.



Low ride Style comes up because the caster abject is fabricated lower 10 cm than the basic. The conception is connected with rear caster installing from car rim of Toyota Kijang 5 inch customustomized. Original Shape anatomy was recustomized with relying on additive from fiberglass. This acceptable change is apparent from its anatomy by giving asthmatic from acrilyc. the change is connected to installing tyre, advanced and rear. The added art is, both caster now is installed by bifold disc. But for rear diskbrake of larboard ancillary is installed insde of CVT cover. The finals step, dejected colour acrylic accumulated with white artefact Blinken is coverred scootermatic anatomy artefact 2004.

Modification abstracts Advanced tire: Swallow 100/70-14 Rear tire: Delitire 140/70-14 handlebar: custom Rear disk: Kitaco Advanced discbrake: Kawasaki Ninja Muffler: custom



Luxurious themed bike unit of Advance Vehicle luxury vehicles with Asesories supported by the exotic and the paintjob

Traditional touch of Indonesia is also not left, shown with printing broklat themed color kebaya Indonesia serata mas nitabene and copper were found from Indonesian traditional equipment.

Selection Kakai-foot by using three pieces rim reinforcing Monoblok LUV scent itself especially coupled with the finishing of chrome coating.

The paraphernalia of the bolts and components supporting Detailing using 17k gold coating to strengthen Luxuriousnya theme.


The advantages of this motor is to use a water suspension ... so that the height of the motor can be set independently either front maupunbelakang
water suspension using a technology which peneumatic high / low. empuknya hard suspension is governed by wind pressure, unlike the generally sockbreaker using a.
Suspension of work this way is the wind generated by the compressor is stored in the storage tube, and then channeled into the suspension by using an electronic valve or commonly called a solenoid. Solenoid valve is useful as a filler to remove the wind and the wind from the suspension.


LUXURY YAMAHA JUPITER MX BODY CUSTOMIZEDLuxury body customized of yamaha jupiter mx
See it from far away we'll find out if this motorcycle is a Yamaha Jupiter MX. But what makes her attractive is the glint of gold that mingle some body parts to look more 'eye catchy'. Motor mainstay Made Ambara Suarjaya, this SE is specially prepared to follow the event, especially in Denpasar MOTODIFY gold blinks class and ducks modification. Not only the body that received special attention, all the way to the legs also received special attention in order to appear more solid.
Regarding the bike, Made Ambara the M1 service station manager also said, "This motor is Jupiter MX in 2006 that I kastem with the concept of the body custom elegant minimalist," he explained. Although no extreme changes in engine, body looks great this is like a magnet capable of attracting more pairs of eyes to glance at him. Details of the front legs alone thick gold nuances like the chrome Gazi Fork Up Side Down and discs and 4 piston Kitaco KALIPER. To master brake and Tromol still using the original model.

Continue to the rear legs, the changes apparent in the arm swing changes that also kastem model. Additionally there is the change in suspension using Gazi, Posh discs, 4 piston Kitaco KALIPER, and also the master brake custom version. Everything seemed to chime neatly with details from the body frame, front mask, fairing, the stern and the hood is the fruit Ambara Made creations under the label M1. As already mentioned above, although no change is in the machine, remove the motor tract is also redesigned custom model.

For variations on this bike can be seen clearly in the use of X-1R handlebar, rear lights and sign Mio. For the gas pedal and Footstep, Made Ambara choose compact model output leading manufacturer of Yoshimura parts.

Prominent in the color, to paint and clear in the bike was handed over entirely to the shop wearing chrome Malik Bali william serwin products plus gold chrome on the outside. "Long processing this bike takes a month with difficulties, especially in sectors where we kastem body tries to tie fiber with plastic," he reveals about the processing time and difficulty processing these motors.

A row of these features are instantly made him a motor home so the best Denpasar, especially in the category of modification and the coolest duck blink-blink. Closing the conversation, the program reveals a friendly man on first impressions and expectations, "I am very proud and happy for this victory and I hope it'll be more motor worked the front with a better one than now".


Motor duck changed so skutik, but bodinya bongsor (large). However, the duet from Johanes Hanafi home modification and X-16 tomy tomy Gunawan's Airbrush reorganize the Yamaha Jupiter-Z is named as the works of their Next-G. Shape almost similar to the jetski.

The concept of Next-G be regarded unique. There are two jobs created both before large Jupiter-Z model so Next-G. According to John, a body's affairs responsibilities, while the engine been tomy. Basically, they work with.

John recognized that the body swell Jupiter is not easy. Breket that have kept the original and some are strengthened, especially the front and back of the body must be calculated so that the scooter can go big.

After that, the body construction grip front nose dimensions changed because Next-G is sharp and wide. How to apply also to time use the back. Dipapas order and re-designed according to the length and width dimensions of the middle and back.

Not to connect with the right angle plate so that the burden of a new tail can be arrested. Change how the body enggak refer to Next-G. To note, that the transmission system been tomy. When the engine start, automatic cash teeth into one. Unfortunately, when asked to kru's X-16 tomy and nothing can explain how to operate the gear shift Next-G.


Yamaha Jupiter MX is one type of duck sport present in Indonesia. Tampangnya the sporty 135 cc engine and the use of water cooling (radiator) and also made a clutch type motor duck the behavior at this time.

Tampangnya a sporty can still be modified or amended in order to appear more sporty I take some pictures from some website about modifications Jupiter MX
with the addition of the wing and the engine down jupiter mx more sporty and is paired jupiter z light to the front and without lights on.

2009 Kawasaki Ninja 250R Modifikasi Jakarta

2009 Kawasaki Ninja 250R Modifikasi Kawasaki Ninja 250R Jakarta so attending at these photos do not anon say if this is the accepted motor. Indeed if the agenda is still the aforementioned anatomy appearance with a motor that came out of the dealership. But, try to see some detail or allotment that sticks. Powerful, Bro! Everything to amplifiers or falsifies Ninja accept beautiful anatomy

Honda Vario Matic Japanese Style Modification Surabaya

Honda Vario Matic Japanese Style Honda Vario Matic 2007 Japanese Style Modification japanese Style honda Vario 2007 according Andit’s cool. Unfortunately, in Indonesia has not been marketed. Hence, the idea emerged to make the Honda Vario 2007. The focus of the early progress made on the framework and with bare feet the whole body and the second wheel cover, which must not be used. He then cut

2008 Suzuki Shogun NR Modification BALI

Suzuki Shogun NR ModifikasiSuzuki shogun NR modifikasi from Bali this new species numbered more rarely touched the face of modification than ever. Though the form of hollow body is fresh with a rigid trim made with bright colors and modern. Rena Dwi Suta see so a challenge, “Nice if digaya kok funky flat-look,” said residents of Jl. Turi No. 1 gg Beji Bali. Bright color screen type candytone

best car auto gallery

best car auto gallery
best car auto gallery
best car auto gallery

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Modification Yamaha Jupiter MX 135LC


Modification Yamaha Jupiter MX 135LC

Jupiter MX 135LC character somewhat different from the common duck. Vertical engine and body shapes are cool, so by default, with a little touch, the look is so ciamik Yamaha duck. In the hands of the builder Topo Goedhel Atmojo Tauco Custom (TC), MX body become more muscular and sinewy.

Topo accidentally change the MX tongkrongan so very special because the owner came all the way from Bandung. "So, should dibikinkan something special," says modifier, master TC in Kebagusan, Jaksel.

Here, position the tank moved forward and created separate seat. The design is quite unique. Sector so impressed sturdy tanks, pipes made tralis who applied from Ducati. Additional framework that, according to Topo, not just decoration. Function as the holder of the tank.

Machine model of an upright to provide more flexibility when designing the cover. All parts can be said is new and customizing results using 0.8 mm galvanized plate material.

Try lyrics swing arm (swing arm). This homemade because it is the dimension and the model should follow the body shape. If a unique shape like this, hard to match them with the arm swing variations.

Carefulness in the selection of front and rear lights deserve a thumbs up. "Aura sports were in line with Suzuki Arashi 125 lights that do have moge-style model," said Topo

New Yamaha Scorpio 2010 Ready!!

New 2010 Yamaha Scorpio Already more than a week Yamaha New Scorpio 2010, this picture makes tantrum various automotive forum in cyberspace, If before, outstanding Photo Yamaha Scorpio facelift in a plain black conditions. Which is already complete with stripingnya.Even the seats and the lights are still closed plastic which seems to assert that this is no longer ride test unit. But already the

modification motorcycle Honda

modification motorcycle Honda
motorcycle with air suspension or air suspension (water case) is indeed rare. I already have experience, Cak-greeting friends Yanuar War-it was not hard on them. Few obstacles appear on the procurement of materials.

Shock absorbers (shock), hydraulics, for example, obtained at a flea market, and hunting items at flea markets have to be patient. "Shock was a former machine factory," said Cak War. In addition to shock, and other materials for stringing sus water, namely the compressor which serves to create the air pressure on sokbreker.

Compressor is needed is not too large. The reason is, that part will be placed in front of the saddle (centerbone). Cak War finally chose Suzuki Carry air conditioning compressor. After all ingredients completely, then the installation done.

Here, the compressor is changed as a function of wind-driven compressor with a belt that is connected to the magnet machines. So, when the engine of life, participated compressor to fill air tube placed under the seat. Low High shock absorbers arranged through the switch.

Views motor also changed. When viewed frontally from the front, it resembles the Honda Beat, while the body sides and rear of the Honda Revo. Only, as the road, the rider a little hassle if wearing pants fabric. Then, the foot must also continue because there is a compressor

modifikasi Ninja RR in 2011

modifikasi Ninja RR in 2011

Since affairs this RR Ninja in 2011, Son Kamalludin already absent of a ride like motor racing. Alike added so if the characters bout the expectations Ninja Son. But it additionally could be abashed which way the anatomy changes charge be made.
Finally, afterwards casual through a continued thought, architecture or appearance of the jockeys benumbed in the GP125 chic of dragonflies alias reference. "Because besides my antagonism dream match, archetypal like that accomplish the motor feel like this forever," said Son.
Indeed this form, although attractive a little blubbery but still pay absorption to elements of aerodynamics. So additionally with attractive forward. Balapa force abaft the advanced breadth would additionally dong.
"I do not accept to bother with, alive applications jenong windshield models were additionally acclimated in the GP in the aforementioned class,"said affiliate of the Jogja Got Ninja (Jpn), which has 012 associates this number.
Because animalism had been absolutely to attending like the drivers alike admitting doi bodied adolescence was not dark, Son modific jor-fishing rod in the body. "Because that's the best important so ambiguous its accepted form," said the man was 24 years.
For example, modifications to the allowance sector. Such an accession waterscoop actualize a added adventurous bike. Plus the accession of the anatomy slider on the side. "That to assure the anatomy alone if the abatement but do not let appear ah, adulation my on this bike," said a apprentice of UGM, this Yogyakarta.
In accession you will attending added eye communicable atramentous abject anatomy accustomed blooming accents. "Black and blooming fabricated such a checky banderole at the basal of the fairing," he added. If the official accent chequered flag.
So additionally with the accession of agreement stickers that smelled of a array of antagonism products. "But, my principles, because baseball's broken-down stickers are ashore to it at the appropriate abode and the artefact absolutely acclimated in these motorcycles," said again.
Son's baseball aloof ashore on the admeasurement of the display. "Because, it was additionally ashamed back asked afresh on the alley again eh motorcycle dispatch sluggish.'s Useless," he added.
Therefore, for example, alone he would change adornment with Keihin 34 Sudco. "Also use the V Force film so that its cull is added stable," he said.
Can motor antagonism but can not stop things that would be abhorred by him. "That's why the advanced anchor instead of application a Cagiva Mito, which uses Brembo four piston. Definitely added grip," said this bespectacled man.
While for the sector's legs, distinct beat arm architecture is actual appetizing Son. "But, of course, called a admeasurement not too big and adapted with a abbreviate anatomy Ninja like this," said men who additionally do business this advertising.
Slim consequence is a charge for motor antagonism which prioritizes the affectation like this. Motor Fair has become the amulet association in the City of Gudeg this Ninja.

modifikasi Ninja RR in 2011
modifikasi Ninja RR in 2011
modifikasi Ninja RR in 2011

DATA modifikasi Ninja RR in 2011
Front tire: 80/90-17 FDR
Belakaang Tires: 120/70-17 FDR
Brake clutch: Daytona
Exhaust: CMS
Radiator: Cagiva Planet
Handlebar: NSR Hornet
Son: 0856-2935-762

Mullin presents rare collection of Bugatti

Peter Mullin, one of the most famous car collectors in the world, has opened his own automotive museum in Oxnard/California. The Museum celebrates French Art Deco cars - amongst the numerous vintage Bugattis on display the recent Bugatti history is featured the four iconic Bugatti Showcars: the EB 118, EB 218, EB 18/3 Chiron and the Veyron 16/4. Bugatti is thrilled to have the Mullin Automotive Museum as the perfect ambassador for these unique vehicles in their most important market in Southern California. The museum is located north of Los Angeles.

Modifications Yamaha Nouvo mediocre.

Modifications Yamaha Nouvo mediocre.

To exhaust, undertail-style special design with two shiny snout. According to John, accidentally chromated. Uniquely, alongside the same position lights Sein.

So also for the model stirrup and exhaust positions. The entire body is made re-use plates. Chromated all looks so futuristic and modern. Interestingly, the model Sein LED lights on the left and right.

Aura is a very strong drag on the sector body. Attention to the design style or racing style. "For instance, on the side of the fin is made there must be a kind of thick with the aura of his racing career," explained John.

Modifications made his impress on the Yamaha Nouvo mediocre. Understandable, because the concept leads to a drag. Thus, according to the boss's house the X-16 Motor modifications have elements combined with the low rider (Lowdrag)

There are still other new things are done John on this Nouvo. Like custom rims with svelte model. But it was characteristic of the drag force. "Actually this is a rim variation with 14 bars. Because you want to get the effect of thin, circumcised lived eight bars. Cross has a size a little thin so strengthening the slim effect

Big Scooter" from Malang

Big Scooter" from Malang
skutik modified so big display scooter is hardly easy, especially as happened in 2008 Yamaha Mio Soul Hendry's Chopper from Malang, East Java. Although modifications are not extreme, yet there is a high degree of difficulty in making body.

Hendry was making a big Mio scooter is very challenging. Because, so far he only saw it from a magazine.

The entire body is regenerated from the fiber material, while the dimensions and shapes designed himself. He admitted, "That certainly does not seem fitting for Mio machine."

To raise the body, he backed the rear wheels up to 30 cm. Before the body was made, he first makes the grain. We manufacture, Hendry claimed to have set detail what should be attached so that the body was ready to be installed.

Details are referred to as the main lights and stop lights. Because the body has been stretched, to the front, he picked lighting coincidence Honda Air Blade is owned by a friend who brought him from Thailand. The rear lamps use Sanex Hussar have increasingly emphasized such a big scooter display in Japan and Europe.

Talk framework, this section is not much change, except the tail which then made more menungging. Meanwhile, the adoption of the front damper and the rear of Impac brand Suzuki Satria FU 150.

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Modification Honda Tiger production 1994


Modification Honda Tiger production 1994
If you have the 1994 Honda Tiger production and bored with the look, can work dicontek Erfan Nurdianto modification of the K-cau Modification (K-CM), Magelang, Central Java, this. Original of this type of motor sport berlambang wing flap was missing, having mixed it with the style of street fighter in certain parts of charm.

As with aft sector, which is shaped like a Ninja 250 because many people diomongin. To change this, of course there rombakannya. According Erfan, spine removed approximately 15 cm so that the tail can be made more nungging.

The execution of the entire body using fiber materials, ranging from front to back. "Only tank system worked condoms, so the original is still in there," said the owner of the motor.

If the rear is inspired from the Ninja 250, to enter the front Erfan Ducati models. So that the display be bigger motor, dibuatkanlah deltabox variation of aluminum material. Consideration, "In addition malleable, let more polished."

Then, the motor what else is pinned on Tiger? Look at the headlights, took from Kawasaki Athlete 125 because not many who apply.

The result, display a custom motorcycle with a pretentious front and back brake system which has disk, so it is fresher and fresher

TVS Flame SR125 Motor Baru Dari India 2011

TVS Flame SR125 Motor Baru Dari India 2011

TVS launched a variant of duck that has notabenanya competition is very, very tight. Centre in India TVS Motor Laki product spawned Lightweight, TVS Flame SR125. Local production of motor car manufacturers like Bajaj inidia this, have a unique characteristic that is using three valves with retaining the concept of a single spark plug, they call with CC-VTi technology (Controlled Combustion Variable Timing Intelligent). This technology is targeting at a perfect combustion of the edges to make the motor to Save.

The futuristic appearance, complete with a headlamp visor typical Indian make motorcycles with an empty weight of 123 kg that the engine can produce maximum power at 7500 rpm 10.5 dk is a strong competitor of the variance Bajaj XCD. Seeing lights beloknya signs placed in Shroud, taillights, Mufler triangular, 240mm disc brakes front and also the design as a whole, as well as digital versatile features such as intelligent mileage indicator (IMI), low fuel warning and service indicator on the dashboard of his transplanted . Creating a lightweight motor for a very reasonable 47 550 Rupees.

Modif Kawasaki Ninja 250 RR

Modif Kawasaki Ninja 250 RR

Modif Kawasaki Ninja 250 R so attending at these photos do not anon say if this is the accepted motor. Indeed if the agenda is still the aforementioned anatomy appearance with a motor that came out of the dealership. But, try to see some detail or allotment that sticks. Powerful, Bro! Everything to amplifiers or falsifies Ninja accept beautiful anatomy that moge
"It is an advantage offered is a anchored anatomy of absolute standards but the accessories accept up-grade all," Loe said Robin X Bike Modification in Jl. Mangga Besar IX, No. 28, Lokasari, West Jakarta.
For archetype for sokbreker front. "It's a accepted appearance and admeasurement are still not absolutely fit, so accept a Yamaha R6 acquired be installed in 2008," said Robin. These men acutely accept appropriate acumen with this election
Especially and best important of the upside down, had adopted a adorable arrangement for kaliper, "continued the new bride. It is additionally a affection moge produced from 2006 until now. It agency more, doi no application decay that is too old or old.
In accession to this position adorable caliper arrangement additionally becomes added patent. "I do not activity to shake, added anchor and of advance become added safety," added this baby man.
Of advance this is not be denied the appearance that matches the architecture of a quarter-liter motor is. "Because the anatomy appearance that it has moge Ninja, abominably some allotment beneath support. So, still a little afraid afflicted so charge be replaced," said length.
"Because the advanced has been absorbing moge, afterwards legs should additionally let manoeuvered balanced," he added. For this time she was tempted to use baseball moge decay a lot of overlap in the abundance who did become one provider of waste.
He additionally prefers to use a condom system. Well why is that? "Because the buyer is still a benevolence if the afterwards legs should be absolutely overhauled. Yes, the safest band-aid to use a condom," he said.
This condom archetypal absolutely GSX600 imitate. And for now it was additionally produced by him. Wow, so the new merchandise.

Modif Kawasaki Ninja 250 RR
Modif Kawasaki Ninja 250 RR
Modif Kawasaki Ninja 250 RR

DATA MODIFICATION Modif Kawasaki Ninja 250 RR
Front tire: Battlax 120/70-17
Rear tire: Battlax 160/70-17
Rim: Fire Blade 400
Upside down: Yamaha R6 2008
Footstep: Yoshimura
Exhaust: Yoshimura
X-Bike: 0815-1000-742



Contest Modifikasi Yamaha Mio Bali

Contest Modifikasi Yamaha Mio Bali
Today I seeking modification mio in internet What happen I look Yamaha Mio belonging to I Made Ambara succeeded in winning the predicate of Best of the Best in the modification site of the motor matik, Cuzztomatic 2 that was spread out in the Kuta Centre carpark, Bali

This site will contest the main gift that is going sightseeing to the white elephant country, to change knowledge with the competent modifiers in Thailand. Now in the contest in Bali, Ambara pocketed several gifts that is, money Rp1,2 million as the category champion audio. Then, one Yamaha Mio Soul unit, as well as 1 Yamaha set fashion the plan of Oscar Lawalatta with a value of Rp 1.7 million as the gift for the predicate of Best of the Best.

According to Ambara,info from duniaotomotif.blogspot.com say the fund of Rp 30 million that was finished to install all the completeness audio as well as finishing chameleon chrome. "To headunit I pakat JVC, with subwoofer 12 inchi the make Street, the screen 7 inchi the make sentru, two speaker JBL, two power the make teklin 2 channel and accoustic 4 channel," said Ambara.

Moreover, in the stern part of the motor that was built while three months were also installed a camera, that terhubung with the monitor screen. "So if we were the road, we could see the condition behind clearly". Very fantastic Modification.

Moge from China was directed to Japan

Moge from China was directed to Japan
Moge from China was directed to JapanThree producers of the motor in China were ready made moge (the big motor) had a capacity of 600 cc and the machine was drafted 4 cylinders that his development for a long time. Not more than 10 years, they at once put forward the new and spectacular vehicle for the player that his age was still new. The three players of Jialing, Zongshen and Loncin and the first make was enough to be known in the Indonesian community because of being present with skubek him. The intensity, the three makes appeared in the arena of the machine race used the spur kitchen from Japan. It was speaking that the basis of the machine, Jialing and Zongshen had the history of the development of the machine 600 cc. This year then, Jialing JH600 slid with one cylinder and had taken Honda since the beginning by the hand. Jialing cheated the Honda Hornet machine was the development reference.

Moge from China was directed to Japan

Loncin personally apparently adopted technology of Suzuki GSX600 although bodi him menjiplak had Ducati the Sample. Enggak was mistakenly if the Sample was the reference. Meaning that, clear if Loncin scrutinised the European market. Spoke third technology moge this super-sport still could not be traced. Nevertheless, many responses from the user moge 600 cc in Europe. For them, the entry of the make from China was not doubted. Secara the design moge China this took a step more far. The concept naked bike more headed bodywork Europe.

Harley-Davidson XR 1200


Harley-Davidson will be launching new product XR 1200 Sportster for Euro market 2008 this year. XR 1200 Sportster which became inspiration from Harley-Davidson XR 750, in planning handling so good for on the road.

XR 1200 Sportster this was results of collaboration between Harley-Davidson Milwaukee product development and the team product planning they in Europe. Results were the design of the firm motor but stayed ergonomic with the performance of the strong machine.

The wheel in front of this motor used the rim berjari three with the diameter 18 inch now for the wheel behind used the diameter 17 inch. The two wheels together used disc brakes. When the wheel behind used single the piston, the front wheel used dual the piston. Reportedly, XR 1200 Sportster this was sold by Harley-Davidson with the price 7.755 sterling pound or around Rp.132.000.000. Interested? You could look first around tampilan him in his photograph gallery.

Modification Suzuki Shogun 125 by member of B'CAC

Modification Suzuki Shogun 125 by member of B'CAC

Modification Suzuki Shogun 125 by member of B'CAC

New Information to Modification of Suzuki Shogun 125, this one is really-really from my home town, Karanganyar - Solo. This Shogun belongs to Ryan Dwi P, member of B'CAC (Ban Cilik Auto Concept). He add a front disc brake and chrome almost all of lower components like, shock breaker and engine block.

He use Kyoso shock breaker in the rare and full bass HRP exhaust. To make his motor up, he beleave Tea-Pong from Sukoharjo to do the airbrushing.

You can get it modification Suzuki Shogun 125.

Modification Suzuki Shogun 125 by member of B'CAC