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50cc Honda Motorcycles and motorcycles for kids

A lot of series from 50cc Honda motorcycles, and the question is "is it can be used by kids?" i thing yes.. and also for Mom.. Motorcycles for kids is almost same with safety motorcycles thing, i mean, if you want to buy a motorcycles for your kids, you must be a smart Dad.. safety is more important. For example is Honda Metropolitan, it is the 50cc Honda motorcycles / moped series, with 50cc of engine displacement and with the name of Honda Motorcycles company, you can get a cool 50cc Honda moped !!
50cc honda motorcycles for kids
Motorcycles for kids is all about safety, fun, cool design and easy to ride !!
Here is the Honda Metropolitan the 50cc Honda Motorcycles Specification from Honda Motorcycles official website:
Engine Type 49cc liquid-cooled single-cylinder four-stroke It might be just 49cc, but this feisty, lightweight engine has plenty of get-up-and-go power for around-town riding.
Induction 18mm CV with automatic choke You can count on spot-on throttle response and gas-sipping fuel economy thanks to the Metropolitan's automatic-choke-equipped carburetor.
Ignition CDI

Front Suspension Twin-downtube fork; 1.9 inches travel
Rear Suspension Single shock; 2.6 inches travel
Front Brake Drum Apply the rear brake and Honda's Combined Braking System automatically adds front braking power to help you stop more smoothly.
Rear Brake Drum with CBS Apply the rear brake and Honda's Combined Braking System automatically adds front braking power to help you stop more smoothly.
Front Tire 90/90-10
Rear Tire 90/90-10

Wheelbase 46.9 inches
Seat Height 28.3 inches The plush, well-padded seat tops out at a low, confidence-inspiring 28.3-inch, while the underseat storage pod boasts a very roomy 22-liter capacity.
Curb Weight 176 lbs (Includes all standard equipment, required fluids and a full tank of fuel ready to ride)
Fuel Capacity 1.32 gallons
Emissions Meets Current CARB and EPA standards.

So guys.. this 50cc Honda motorcycles is one of the best choice motorcycles for kids, safety, fun, more save gas with only 50cc, and also limited top speed for your kids..

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Honda Zodia Best Motorcycle Design

Future years brought changes of colors but no technical upgrades or redesigned elements could be found on Honda’s 1300cc cruiser. In order for the bike to be upgraded, the VTX series would have to follow its footsteps but we all know that Honda won’t start with the VTX1300 as a bigger machine waits to give the tone. Although similar to the 1800, the engine is not just a smaller bore/stroke but a different design. This lead to great sales numbers and the motor company was satisfied with the results of its new cruiser.This gives us a good expectative and a clear clue of when this machine will be redesigned.The VTX 1300 was introduced with a muscular looking body, being quite long and low to the ground featuring significant rake and trail. It presented unliked brakes, with a single large front disk. The VTX1300 also uses a carburetor unlike the fuel injected VTX1800, and therefore is much simpler in terms of design.

Unique Motorcycle Design 13

Unique Motorcycle Design 1
 Unique Motorcycle Design 2
 Unique Motorcycle Design 3
 Unique Motorcycle Design 4

  Unique Motorcycle Design 5
Unique Motorcycle Design 6
Unique Motorcycle Design 7
Unique Motorcycle Design 8
Unique Motorcycle Design 9
Unique Motorcycle Design 10
Unique Motorcycle Design 11
Unique Motorcycle Design 12
Unique Motorcycle Design 13

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Motorcycle Club

Motorcycle Club


Siamo sempre stati affascinati dalla storia e dalla cultura del Sol Levante.

La spada dei Samurai rappresenta per noi uno dei primi e più importanti punti di fascino della cultura dei samurai giapponesi.

La spada, detta genericamente katana, veniva prodotta secondo antiche tradizioni e seguendo spesso rituali ancora oggi in parte segreti.

Se guardiamo alle spade dei samurai da un punto di vista tecnico, storico o culturale, le argomentazioni potrebbero diventare pressoché infinite, ma non è questo il nostro scopo.

Se guardiamo invece alle spade dei samurai da un punto di vista del design non possiamo che rimanere ugualmente affascinati dalla semplicità delle linee, dalle curve pronunciate, dalla lucentezza del metallo e dall’ombreggiatura del filo della lama.

Lo strumento in sé, esprime Equilibrio, Forza e Potenza.

La spada fu lo strumento dello Shogun per tenere insieme un impero, ma era anche e rimane tuttora, uno Status Symbol, oltreché l’espressione di un altissimo artigianato.

Ora, forse l’accostamento può sembrare bizzarro, ma il nostro pensiero vola al mondo delle moto, in special modo a quelle di scuola giapponese, e ci chiediamo quali tra queste “Cafè Racer” del lontano oriente meglio rappresentano lo Stile, il Design, la ricerca sottile e quasi infinita che era alla base non solo di un oggetto come la spada, ma di una vera e propria filosofia, come il bushido.

Buona visione


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We have always been fascinated by history and culture of ancient Japan.
The Sword of the Samurai is for us one of the first and most important points of appeal of the culture of Japanese samurai.

The sword, known generically as “katana”, was produced according to ancient traditions and rituals, till now still remain partly secret.

If we look at the samurai swords from a technical, historical or cultural point of view, the arguments could be almost endless, but this is not our purpose.

If we look instead to samurai swords from the point of view of design we remain as well immediately fascinated by the simplicity of the lines, by the sharp turns, by the shading and brightness of metal blade.

The instrument itself, express Balance, Strength and Power.

The sword was the instrument of the Shogun to hold together an empire, but it was and still it is a status symbol, besides the expression of the highest craftsmanship.

Now, perhaps the combination may sound hazardous, but our thoughts fly to the world of motorcycles, especially those of Japanese school, and we wonder which of these "Cafe Racer" coming from the Far East school are better fitting the Style, the Design, and the hard and almost infinite Research that was the basis not only of an object like the sword, but the foundation of a real philosophy, such as bushido.



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Motorcycle Club