Thursday, July 26, 2012

motorcycle philippines

Riding Reming

Motorcycle Philippines : Boylit's Vespa
while a lot of riders stayed home to wait out reming, i took out the vespa for what was supposed to be a quick spin up and down marilaque…
the weather and lack of traffic was so great, i ended up going to infanta, quezon… not real… infanta…

“Bikes of Burden” image collection

The image below is very third world. We find it amusing, but it does reflect the economic conditions of the people in the country. The shot was taken in Vietnam. Though seeing something like it won’t be very unusual here in the Philippines, such an image is commonplace in the neighboring Vietnam where there are a few cars and more than 5 million motorcycles!
But the Philippines is on the way of being a motorcycle country too like China, India & Vietnam. With the rising price of gas, the steady increase of fares in public transportation, and the affordability of motorcycles (installment terms go as low as P1000+ per month); any minimum wage earner could now afford to have one. The downside is a lot are hopping onto one without the proper know-how or awareness on how to be a responsible rider hence the increase in motorcycle-related accidents in the past four years as reported by MMDA (there were 2,092 accidents with 51 fatalities in Metro Manila alone just from Jan-May 2006). But I digress, so let’s go back to these photographs. Here’s a sample.
That one’s a gate in what I assume is made of wrought iron. You can just imagine what else they can carry on two wheels? The succeeding images have these bikes of burden carrying anything from multiple passengers, livestock, trays of eggs, construction materials, and even a shark! But what takes the cake for me is the one carrying a mirror for delivery in a barbershop.

Beautiful art collection of motorcycles made out of parts from ordinary wrist watches:
 Motorcycles made of Watch Spare Parts

October 11 marked the grand opening of the Levi’s Philippines flagship store in newly opened Trinoma mall. It opened with a bang by staging a very unique fashion show. When the event organizers got in touch with me looking for six Vespa scooters and riders, I didn’t had a hard time finding volunteers — I, being one of them! Who wouldn’t? It’s a rare chance to parade a scoot in a show, the rider gets to have a gorgeous babe as his backride and he even gets paid for it! Franky, I would’ve agreed even if it was for free!
Here’s the complete lineup of the Vespa boys who took part in the show:
And here are the Brazillian babes who modeled for the brand:
Check out how these models backride on a Vespa. No two poses are alike, I tell you.

‘The Dark Knight Rises’ Motorcycle Suit Lets You Ride Like Batman

For the release of the movie The Dark Knight Rises, UD Replicas has created a motorcycle suit that lets you look like Batman while you ride on your bike.
The ‘Batman Movie Replica Leather Motorcycle Suit’ features details and designs like the original costume that appeared in the movie.
But while paying tribute to the on-screen design elements, the suit is also engineered for serious motorcycle-riding: it is made out of high-quality safe-proof materials, including Kevlar inserts, Grade A cow hide (leather), CE-approved body armor on the elbows/forearms, shoulders and back spine protector.
The full-suit combination of jacket, pants, gloves, boots, and utility pouch retails at about US$1564—alternatively, users can purchase jackets, pants, gloves and boots individually.
Batmobile and other vehicles not included.Click to view enlarged version

Batman Costumes... Picking up the right costume for a special occasion like Halloween, a birthday party, or for a fancy dress party can be a difficult thing to make sure you get the real deal. I mean your batman costume must be high quality and look good, otherwise your friends will laugh at you!
With the release of the movie The Dark Knight, just about every man and his dog will be wearing Batman costumes this Halloween, so you had better make sure you pick up a top quality costume to make sure you stand out from the crowd...
Batman costumes have changed considerably over the years with the different caped crusader movies that have been released at the box office. The latest instalment, Batman: The Dark Knight, is the seventh big screen make of the Gotham City crime fighter.
Gone are the days of the tight fitting cloth out fit... The early style costumes have now given way to modern style body armor type suits that more closely resemble the muscled comic book character, which give Batman a much more sinister and imposing presence.
The latest version of the costume for The Dark Knight has completely taken on a true armor type suit and no longer looks like a human torso at all. Completely black in colour, Batman now looks more like a dark creature from the shadows, with only the metallic gold utility belt having any color. Batman now looks tougher than ever...

New HOT TOYS: 1/6th Scale BATPOD MOTORCYCLE For 12" Batman Figure (The Dark Knight version)

Oh yeah, I saved the BEST for last! This is the very special BATPOD MOTORCYCLE, made by HOT TOYS, that will be built to go along with their 12" ( 1/6th Scale ) Batman Figure!! I sincerely think that this is a true work of ART!! The detailing is totally insane & would be really great to have to display with the action figure. Please be sure to click on the above photos for larger, more detailed, pictures. Oh my god, if I only buy 1 Dark Knight movie item ( ok, 2, because I'll also need to have the figure, ha ha ) then this will be it!! Please COMMENT down below & let me know what you think about this toy line. I don't think I have seen any other new TDK merchandise that is more beautiful!